GAD Trainings

An integral part of the GAD Project have been the trainings for education professionals. In this section you can find training material and other resources related to this activity.


The What and Why of GAD Project

This is the general presentation of the project, providing a brief and explanatory resource, adapted to highlight points closer to the educators experience and general field

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3d modelling in Education 101

A learning resource dealing with the practice of creating 3d models throughout the ages, how they are used in augmented reality, and places where you can access, download, modify and contribute 3d models

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The benefits of Gamification in Education

Areas of application of gamification, basic principles that defined a gamified process, how it affects the educational process and what it can help achieve in mulitple levels

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How can AR improve learning

AR definitions and differences (3d geormetry, rendering, markers), Areas of application, ar in education: objectives and realities; references

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Motivation and selection of pedagogical content

Principles for designing of motivating tasks, defining motivation, selecting content, choosing appropriately, relevant methodologies, the teaching role and digital learning

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Inclusive Learning through digital environment

Inclusive teaching and learning online, designing inclusive learning environments through digital means, implementing new technologies and media, ubiquitous learning, tips for inclusive environments and AR's contribution to inclusive practices

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Reference Material

Additional resources and notes related to the theories discussed – Practical resources are added in the “Tutorials” section of the platform

Module 1 - The What and Why of GAD

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