GAD Results

The GAD project partners worked together for 16 months and created a series of results. You can learn, access, use and adapt them below.

GAD Game

The GAD Game comprises of two main elements – the GAD Game App (mentioned below as GAD App) and the GAD Platform. They are both part of the activities of the first foreseen result of the GAD Project.

The GAD App

GADGame is a digital learning game based on augmented reality, where it is possible to create lessons and launch quizzes to provide an immersive and engaging educational experience.
It aims to support educators with innovative pedagogical and educational approaches that take into account the changes in communication and teaching/learning dynamics due to the use of new technologies and digital devices. It is an application that combines AR, education and gamification.

The GAD Platform

The GAD Platform is complementary to the GADGame and acts like a hub. It hosts a lot of information from the implementation phase of the project and indicatevely previews of the models created by the groups of educators, accompanying presentations for the 3d models, a roadmap for educators to share their contents, a quiz creator, content from all the trainings, simple tutorials in the form of step-by-step guides and notes and helpful resources in English, Italian, Spanish and Greek.

Learning sessions

In this section you will find the preview of the 3d models created during the trainings, accompanied by presentations made to accompany the models and provide you with an overview of what a session using the GADGame could look like.

Tools for educators

The platform provides tools for educators to create their own plans and share them with the community. It hosts a form with information on the courses details and for the creation of quizzes.

Training sessions content

In this section you can access all presentations in the 4 languages. These are a total of 7 different presentations provided with theoretical information and practical examples to inspire other educators to get to use them.

Helpful resources

In this section you can find links, references and information on the general domain of augmented reality and XR technologies in general to better support your practice.

Communication and dissemination

An integral part of the development and implementation of the GAD project, its results and its objectives, has been the communication with the educational community, the educators, the learners and many other professionals, stakeholders and interested persons.

To make this a reality, we carried out a series of communication and dissemination activities, part of which is this website. All of these activities are part of the second foreseen result group of the GAD Project.

Communication dissemination publication

This is the final version of the publication which includes information on the overall approach, results and impact

Digital presence

The GAD project established a series of digital communication channels

Dissemination / promotional material

There are a few promotional material that were created to promote the project and make the public familiar with out objectives


Here you can access the Newsletters of GAD in all languages

Articles / Papers / Inform. Posters / Presentations

During the implementation of project, the partners took several opportunities to further communicate the project through papers and brief articles which were presented in several non-project events

Local Launches presentations

Presentations made during the local launches - Content available in Italian, Spanish and Greek

International Project Launch

Presentations made during the international project launch
documents in order of presentation

GAD Conference in Naples

Presentations made during the project's conference in Naples
documents in order of presentation


The present document sets the Monitoring and Evaluation Plan of the GAD Project.

It consists in an introduction of the implementation approaches of the project (e.g., TPACK model, DIGCOMEDU, Gamification and Augmented reality), and a set of directives and tools to monitor and assess the quality of the implementation. Those tools are mainly questionnaires and interviews for both trainers and learners.

In addition, other tools to monitor both the welfare of the coordination measures, and the communication, dissemination and networking actions, is taken into account.

The complete plan

This is the complete plan as it exists in the form of the publication

Questionnaires for educators

Access the pre and post piloting questionnaires for educators in all languages

Questionnaires for students

Access the pre and post piloting questionnaires for students in all languages

Internview questions

Access the interview framework for educators and students in all languages