about GAD!

GAD game intends to use game dynamics to stimulate interest, to effectively convey information and to enhance digital skills.


Changing the map of educational technologies!

GAD Game is a digital learning game based on augmented reality that will be developed also through the active contribution of teachers. By playing they will improve their digital skills, understand the game logic and learn how to use it. The game will run both on a platform and on its app. The platform will be used by the content creators (the staff and the educators that will take part in the project and that will contribute to its development), while the app will be used by the players. An effective education cannot prescind from the knowledge of the mental processes which underline the learning process, and technology can be very useful because it connects mind and knowledge. In addition it enhances the mental functions throughout the learning processes.

The GAD Game

Teachers/ Trainers

The target group of this activity are teachers/tutors/educators that will have an active role in the prototyping of the Game as an educational tool.


After the development of the Game, the testing phase will be carried out and will involve students and teachers.

Educational Communities

The results achieved will additionally impact:
-the local community that will receive all the necessary information to participate and will be informed on the project;
-the European community because the outputs will be openly accessible to everyone for free, as well as the dissemination activities.

We believe our partnership to be the strongest point of our project. Through our partners the project results will be disseminated at a local, regional, national and European level to:

  • the internal staff of partner organisations in order to increase the overall level of knowledge and skills, which can be used in other experiences;
  • other organisations, institutions, policy makers that collaborate with the partners at different levels;
  • European networks joined by several project partners.